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about me



I am Callie of Calin+Bisous (hugs and kisses en français) Actually my real name is Calin, but I only go by Callie, which is so confusing and no one can pronounce either of them. Mom and dad really didn’t want to name anybody Calvin, even thought they wanted to keep it in the family, so they took out the V, and created Calin. They liked it for a professional spin on my grandmother’s choice -Callie- in case I decided to become a lawyer or a doctor. (hmm) So now I’m stuck with all these names and it takes an extra fifteen minutes to introduce myself to anybody I meet. Which now we have. It’s nice to meet you!

I love photographing everything. I love teeny details and real moments. I avoid posed photos. I like breezy and subtle images. I loooove love.

I believe everyone has the right to marry and there’s no wrong way to throw a wedding.

And just in case you were curious, it’s Callie as in ‘goin back to Cali’ and Calin as in Calen-der.